Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A gay village

I went back home for a month.

It was class.

That's why I didn't write anything, 'cos I was too busy getting up to all sorts of shite, like going to the zoo, visiting my granny, going to mass and eating crisps.

It was class, though. But I won't go into it in any more detail than that. I'd just fucking bore you. I haven't had any profound insights since I was about 11. So I'd just be relating a load of shite that happened, and you, dear reader, would find it wild tedious.

There were some things though...

Fish is tastier and more affordable at home. So is booze... And tasty foods. Everything is smaller too, in a good way.

I could fucking walk to Newcastle, if I wanted (I don't- my ma can drive me and save me the walk). But I could.

The weather was class- I got a tan. Then everyone goes "Oh, I thought you went to Ireland! But it's always raining!"

It is always raining, ya cunt. But it wasn't this time.

I did get a tan.

Wee Chub-Chub fucking loved it, she had the best time of anyone. I think she had the most fun that a human being has ever had, at any time since humans were about.

Her face was contorted in pure joy, all day long, every day. My ma and sister entertained her by shouting and tickling. That's all it takes. She's fucking brilliant.

She likes animals.

I fucking couldn't have been arsed going back to work. I bought a paddling pool for $1. It was $1.15 with tax. It's for Sarah.

I'm up for sitting in it, though, instead of working.

I'll drink bottles of white wine, sparkling white wine. And read novels. Only, though, in the moments when I'm not doing stuff, like cycling to the shops, or walking Sarah to the park. I won't put on sun cream, to maintain my deep tan.

On the way home today, I walked through the gay village.

There were loads of gays about. I still found this surprising, even though it is the gay village. It isn't even a village, it's a few city blocks. I felt exactly halfway between nonplussed and slightly surprised. A lot of them were elderly men.

And so it goes.